supporting northern nevada 

EMS Systems

A Non-profit organization

Northern Nevada EMS Consortium

We are local and involved in our communities in Northern Nevada. 

 With funds raised for the Northern Nevada EMS Consortium (NNEMSC), we hope to continue to support the many programs and services.

By making a financial contribution to our cause, you are helping us continue to be able to offer these much needed emergency medical services in the area as well as help those in financial need due to an emergency they have experienced. Your generosity is crucial to the success of this worthy program and will build a solid foundation for the generations to come.

Your financial support helps with the following. As funds are received, we will work towards funding all and many initiatives although that will take time:

- Provide help to those in financial distress due to a medical emergency.

​-Provide mental health trainings and programs for our community and youth

- Provide support to rural ground EMS, Fire, and Health Systems who have limited forms of fundraising to purchase equipment that continues to be subject to rising costs that many of the Counties cannot afford.
-Provide critical care equipment to rural health clinics and critical access hospitals 
-Education to health care providers at the facilities that supports the equipment and it’s uses, such as ventilator management classes.
-Provide higher level education to local providers. 


Your generous gift to this worthy program is a tax deductible donation to our 501(c)3.